23rd Conference of International Investigators

The Office of the Chief Compliance Officer of EBRD is excited to host the 23rd Conference of International Investigators. This year's conference will continue to serve as a platform to enhance the work and act as a connection point for all integrity offices in the CII.

This invitation-only conference will be held onsite at the new EBRD HQ building in Canary Wharf, London, (or online via a web-based platform) from Wednesday, 8th to Friday, 10th Nov 2023 (preceded by pre-conference training sessions).

The 23rd CII will include panel discussions, workshops, and open floor exchanges, as well as an accompanying training programme, meetings of MDBs and UN-RIS, and networking events. Investigators will benefit from best practises, gain knowledge, learn, and share ideas with colleagues in the common fight against misconduct, fraud, and corruption. In addition, there will be many opportunities to engage in lively discussions and exchange ideas with other investigators to forge new relationships and benefit from sharing common integrity issues in the CII community.

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