Dear CII members,

Please note that the Council of Europe has launched a call for candidatures for nomination to the Oversight Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe.

Information on the call for candidatures for nomination to the Oversight Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe

Function: five members of the Oversight Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe. The complete terms of reference of the Oversight Advisory Committee are set out in Resolution CM/Res(2022)4.

Required qualifications: the Oversight Advisory Committee shall be composed of five members who shall collectively possess relevant professional, financial, managerial and organisational qualifications, with senior-level expertise in accounting and financial reporting, auditing, evaluation, organisational governance and accountability, risk management, internal control, fraud prevention, ethics and investigation.

The members of the Oversight Advisory Committee shall be fully independent of the Council of Europe and national governments of the Council of Europe member States. While members of the committee, they shall not hold a position nor engage in any activity that could impair their independence from the Council of Europe or other entities maintaining a working relationship with the Organisation. While members of the committee and for a period of two years prior to appointment, neither they nor members of their family shall be employed by the Council of Europe. Members of the committee will not be eligible for employment with the Council of Europe for a period of two years immediately following the last day of their tenure on the Oversight Advisory Committee. The members of the committee shall sign conflict of interest declarations in relation to private, financial and other interests in a form required by the Council of Europe, on appointment and annually (Article 3 of the terms of reference).

Term of office: the members shall serve for terms of three years, renewable once (Article 4 of the terms of reference). Their term of office shall begin on 1 October 2023.

Allowances: members of the Oversight Advisory Committee shall be reimbursed travel and subsistence costs in accordance with Council of Europe administrative rules and regulations and will receive an allowance of €200 per meeting per member (Article 8 of the terms of reference).

Department/authority responsible for receiving candidatures: Anyone wishing to apply are invited to contact their respective line ministry or the permanent representation to the Council of Europe of the country of which they are a national.

Deadline for receipt of candidatures: candidatures must reach the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe no later than 31 May 2023 at 12 noon (Central European Time: CET).

Gender balance: Recommendation Rec(81)6 on the participation of women and men in an equitable proportion in committees and other bodies set up in the Council of Europe should be borne in mind when submitting candidates.

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