CII Principles & Guidelines

The Conference of International Investigators (CII) encourages the development of general principles and guidelines to uniformly guide the conduct of the various investigative activities by the Investigative Offices of its participating organisations. Although CII-endorsed publications are non-binding on its participating organisations, the CII Secretariat encourages the organisations to adopt or use CII-endorsed publications as applicable within the context of their organisation’s regulatory framework and investigative mandates.

The CII Secretariat has developed the following procedures for the endorsement and publication of CII general principles and/or guidelines. These procedures were endorsed by the CII at its 20th Conference (2019).

Best Practices on Addressing Allegations of Abusive Conduct

Endorsed by UN-RIS member organizations this guidance document presents Best Practices on addressing allegations of abusive conduct in the workplace (including Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Abuse of Authority and Discrimination).

Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations, 2nd Edition

Soon after the creation of the CII in 1999, the investigative offices of participating international organisations recognized the value of harmonising their practices.

General Principles for Financial Forensics

As part of its function, an Investigative Office may conduct activities known as financial forensics. Financial forensics is a growing field that, in the context of an Investigative Office,

CII General Principles for Core Investigative Activities

Six volumes of General Principles for conducting core investigative activities that greatly expand on the principles within the CII’s Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations

General Principles for Proactive Integrity Risk or Fraud Detection Activities

As part of its mandate, an Investigative/Integrity Office may conduct activities to assess and detect the exposure of certain operations and processes to fraud or corruption and/or the risks of prohibited conduct 

General Principles for Reviews of CII Investigation Offices (conducted by external experts)

In 2012, at the 13th Conference, the participating organisations recognized the value of developing general principles and guidance for conducting reviews of their investigative offices 

Investigation of Sexual Harassment Complaints investigator’s manual

A subgroup of the UN’s CEB Task Force on Addressing Sexual Harassment developed this manual to enhance the handling of formal reports of sexual harassment by strengthening and harmonising investigatory capacity and improving the quality of investigations of sexual harassment.