CII Community Training Initiative

The primary purpose of the initiative is to create a network of focal points among the CII community for identifying, sharing, conducting, and developing general and specialist training courses and programs for investigators, analysts and managers. 53 organizations within the CII family nominated a Focal Point from their investigative or ethics offices to be their point of contact for this great and long-awaited CII initiative. We have finally established the network!


Connect & collaborate with all CII member organizations through the Training Focal Pont network & collaboration platform
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Have a comprehensive catalogue of investigator courses of all levels & skills offered by experts both internal & external to the CII family

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Skills & Competences

Access a CII-harmonized suggested skills & competencies framework for hiring & developing investigators, specialist & managers

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Refer to the CII-harmonised suggested course curricula to design yours & your units individual professional development plans

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CII Training Courses

Develop, teach or attend on-line or in-person investigation courses suited for your interests & personal development

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Workstream number 1:

Collaboration network objectives

Research and select a collaborative IT platform (e.g., MS Teams, Google Workspace) most idea and universally available to all Focal Points to access. Platform will facilitate Focal Point communications, coordination, and information sharing. It should have features such as a Shared Calendar of events, posts and chat function, file sharing and collaboration, task assignment, video calls, etc.

Course Catalogue objectives

Develop a centralized library / catalog of in-person and virtual training and development courses on the platform that a) have already been developed and are available within the CII for in-house training and sharing, b) have already been scheduled on their calendars, c) are in development, d) are recommended courses by external providers, e) are on-line self-study, etc

Workstream number 2:

Skills & Competences

  • Drawing the best from others’ frameworks: Develop a CII-harmonized skills competencies framework–minimum skills by level, specialists skills, managerial/leadership skills–across the CII’s six core investigative activities
  • Reconcile the completed frameworks (base, specialists and managerial) with the course library (developed above) and identify the gaps where a training course(s) is/are needed

Uniform Curriculum

  • Drawing from the Competency Skills Framework, develop a CII-harmonized training course curriculum of available, external, and courses to be developed that would allow investigators to achieve the minimum and/or specialists competencies
  • Identify global training partners (e.g., Association of Corporate Investigators; Institute for Int’l Criminal Investigations)

Workstream number 3:

Course Attendance & Instruction Catalogue

  • Fill in Competency Skills Framework Gaps.
  • Research external course providers and add their suitable courses to the Course Curriculum.
  • Identify CII course developers and start planning internal development of courses for the Curriculum not available by external providers
  • Identify and create DB of CII course instructors and partners

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